The Zero Waste Period

I came across and article recently about the zero waste period. I had previously heard of the menstrual cup, but it turns out there are far more options (which is a good thing really).

There were three things that I found really interesting to consider with these alternatives. The first of course being their positive environmental impact, the second being people’s statements around how not using synthetic disposable materials has made their monthly cycle more comfortable and the last being around the coast saving. Apparently, women can spend $5000-10,000 on sanitary products in their lifetime. Whereas with the zero waste alternatives, you’re looking more around $1000-$2000 in your lifetime. Or less if your products last well. So, what are these alternative options?

First off, of course there is the option of using a menstrual cup instead of tampons. A cup can last you up to 10 years as oppose to a box every period or so. But it is a rather liberal option being a cup inside your you-know-where.

Secondly, there is the reusable pad option instead of the synthetic disposable pad option. This kind of reminds me of cloth nappies in terms of its philosophy. But I’m willing to consider it as an option.

Thirdly, there is period underwear. This one reminds me of incontinence underwear. But at the same time, I’m thinking that perhaps period-proof underwear is the secret to no leakage.

And lastly, there is the sea sponge. This is the option I am least sure about, because a bit like the beauty blender, how much bacteria is getting in there in the 6 months it is supposed to last?

So, if you want to get on the zero waste bandwagon ladies, here is some alternatives that could long-term be great for the environment, your body and your wallet.

Krystal xx



Beauty Test: Cocoa Powder

Natural Beauty is a big thing and something I’m keen to embrace. But do some of these DIY ingredients from your cupboard natural beauty tricks work? This week I tested adding cocoa powder to your shampoo as a way to darken brunette hair.

The biggest challange I found was finding the right container to mix your shampoo and cocoa powder in. Other than that it was business as usual. I put the cocoa powder shampoo in my hair and washed it out just like normal shampoo. Although I did leave it in for 5 minutes whereas normal shampoo I would have washed out sooner. Then I conditioned and dried my hair as usual.

I didn’t find the cocoa powder shampoo made much difference and the slight tint only lasted a couple of days. But for a very natural looking alternative, this one is subtle, doesn’t leave the hair dry or feeling clogged up and it smells great.

Krystal xx

Political Opinion: The NZ General Election

A quick commentary on some of the political commentary surround New Zealand’s election.


I think the surprise in this election was The Opportunities Party (TOP), run by older gentleman Garth Morgan, the party’s promises which include helping support young people and getting the richest ¼ of elderly to pay for it, has given the party a surprising amount of traction with young people. While they did not get any seats in this election, I think they are one to watch.

The Maori Party and the Maori Seats

The Maori Party gained no seats in this election with all the Maori Seats going to Maori Labour MP’s. There has been two schools of thought around this, one being that Maori have come home to Labour and the second being that the Maori Party have been tainted by their association with National. I tend to agree with the first school of thought. If the Maori Party had been tainted by their association with National, they would have lost their seats before now. I think Labour just put forward stronger competition for the Maori Seats.

A Labour/National Government

Has MMP outlived it usefulness? Has been another question thrown around this week. If NZ First did not agree to a coalition with either National or Labour (with Greens), then it would have to be a National/Labour coalition. And with this train of thought has also come the question of whether first past the post was a better election system.

A National/Green Government

With left Greens form a coalition with right National if National does not wish to work with NZ First. I don’t see this being a harmonious coalition, nor do I see it fitting the Greens party ethics. But only time will tell.

Winston Peters

He’s called the Kingmaker because he often is the deciding force as to which party governs, but what struck me is that he’s in his 70’s. How much longer will he be the King?

Jacinta Ardern

She has impressed me so much, coming in at the last minute she has given Labour the momentum they have been missing. With 3 years now to make the policies her own, I can see her being the next Prime Minister of New Zealand,

It feels like it is time for some changes in New Zealand politics. But what those changes are is still in question.

Krystal xx

Gaming For The Non-Gamer

Hasn’t it been a long time. I’ve been so busy doing other people’s online stuff I haven’t had time for my own.

Today’s article is about gaming for the non-gamer.

I am not a gamer, but I am rather fond of a game called Disney Magic Kingdoms (DMK). It brings back the Disney nostalgia from my childhood and gives me my very own interactive Disneyland on my phone. While there are limited time events to get things like new characters. I feel this is a game you can play at a relaxed pace and play more intermittently without missing out on much in terms of content or losing any skill.

Another phone game I like to play on the train is the King games. My personal preferences are Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. They’re easy but like DMK you need to apply some strategy to get to the end more quickly.

Asphalt 8 is a more interactive game for the non-gamer and takes one back to the old PC car racing games, but with some very new and very fancy looking cars.

Another more well known game is Angry Birds. I particularly like the Rio edition. With a lazy flick of a finger you can work on your anger management issues.

And finally, for interactive cuteness; Happy Jump. This cupcake style version of Doodle Jump is deliciously tempting.

So even if you aren’t a gamer, It doesn’t mean you can’t play games. But these require less team involvement, keyboard trigger figures and digital guns.

Krystal x

It’s Not A Customer’s Right To Be Rude

I am that person behind the counter that you won’t remember tomorrow. I am that person that stands there patiently while you talk on the phone. I am that person you yell at even though I didn’t write company policy.

Now most people aren’t like that. But when I go to work on a Saturday, I am honestly appalled at the lack of etiquette displayed by some people.

Guide to being a decent customer:

  1. Don’t talk on the phone when you go up to pay. We need to have a dialogue about whether you’re on our loyalty program and how much your purchase will cost. Chances are, if I hand you the efpos, once you get off the phone, you’ll come back because you are on the loyalty program and you’ll want me to redo your purchase.
  2. Don’t throw a tantrum. Yes it’s not sucks that your damage won’t be fixed under warranty. But that’s company policy. Yelling at me isn’t going to change that.
  3. Don’t leave a mess. “Oh you don’t mind cleaning up my bags do you?” Actually yes I do when you’ve strewn them across the store then suddenly changed your mind. Do you leave your house in that mess?
  4. Don’t want a refund or exchange without the receipt. You get given a receipt with every purchase, surely by now you’ve realised you need it if you want to return something. I don’t care if it looks like our stock. Where is the proof you brought it legitimately from us?
  5. Don’t be the person with screaming children. Get them out of here, you’re making the more valued customers leave because you can’t control your children. On that note, stop your children from trying to eat the stock as well please. We don’t actually sell food.

I promise, if you avoid these retail faux pas I promise you will get better customer service and people who will try to help you to the best of their ability.

So next time you’re in shop, stop and ask yourself. Are you a bad customer?

Krystal xx

Best in Beauty: Quick 5

A quick look at some of my favourite products to wear this month.

Foundation: L’Oréal Infallible 24HR Matte

Brows: Benefit Gimme Brow

Eyeshadow: Chi Chi Palettes

Lip Balm: Hurraw

Lipstick: Chanel (high end) Rimmel (drugstore)

Product on my most wanted list: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream

Krystal xx

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastel Spray – Cotton Candy Review

I wanted to dye my hair pink, but wanted to test the colour suited me before going for something more permanent, so this looked like a good option.

I initially hesitated because the colour they showed on the box didn’t really look that cotton candy to me, but ultimately I decided to give it a go because hey, we only live once.

On opening the bottle, I found the liquid inside was a dark pink (you can also see this when you spray the colour on your hands, so make sure to wear gloves).

I chose to apply this by standing in the shower with old black clothes on and a full length mirror leaning against the glass. The reason I did this was because it is much easier to wash down the shower walls than it is the bathroom walls.

I applied the spray to my glove and them rubbed it into my hair. I found it was hard to really get a good coverage on a couple of bits and it was very time consuming compared to a cream product to apply all over the hair.

After it was dry, I fully expected the colour on the box based on previous experience with their sprays but instead I got a dark purple/pink colour.

IMG_1805.JPG Day 1                                      IMG_1806.JPG Day 2

I left this in my hair for two days, but your hair gets quite strawlike so I washed it out on the second day. A bit of colour had faded on the second day and after washing it only a very light layer of colour was left. After another was three days later most of this disappeared too and the tiny bit left the wash after.

IMG_1812.JPG After 1 Wash                              img_1822-2 After 2 Washes

I would use it again for a night out then wash it out the next morning.

Krystal xx