WPC: Reflecting

Reflecting photos have always been a favourite of mine, particularly using water and windows to reflect off. Here are a few of my favourites.




France (1) copy

France (3) copy

Krystal xx


WPC: Names

When I read the Weekly Photo Challenge Names I immediately thought of signs that name locations, but are amusing or interest catching in some way.

To give a little context to a couple of these, C Beccaria is the name of a famous criminology theorist and the Broadway sign is in London.

Krystal xx


I love taking photographs of water. It can invoke so many moods; from the cool serene lagoons to a tempered fury crashing against the rocks, it can transform so easily. Then there is the beauty of a few droplets of morning dew on a flower or a tear drop. Each body of water has such a different story to tell and all can create a stunning photograph.

Vast bodies of water that can be seen from the sky


Reflecting the sun


The light path creating a rainbow when it hits the waterfall’s spray


Stormy water brewing


Waves rushing in


Raindrops on a flower


The invisible water from the inside


Krystal xx


Cakes that will Amaze and Inspire You

When I say the daily prompt was Cake I knew I had to write something. I love cake and lately I’ve been getting inspired by cake decorating. So here are a few amazing creations I’ve come across in my travels of the world wide web, that are sure to amaze and inspire you.

Character Cakes

Elegant Cakes

Shaped Cakes

Structural Cakes

There are so many amazing cakes out there, so hopefully you enjoyed this small venture into the world of amazing cakes. And a word of warning, looking at cakes on Google Images is a very bad procrastination habit.

Krystal xx